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Frequently asked questions


General conditions to enter in national territory of Timor-Leste

To enter in national territory you must present yourself for immigration clearance at your point of entry into Timor-Leste and you must satisfy the following basic requirements before you can be considered for entry:

A valid travel document (Passport, Laissez Passer, Seaman Passport or others) that is valid for at least six months;

Sufficient funds for the length of your intended stay (as tourist, transiting, or business class I visit) which are equivalent as follows:

  • 1. USD$100 for each entry
  • 2. USD$50 for day of permanence in national territory;
  • 3. A completed Disembarcation/Embarcation Card
  • 4. A valid Timor-Leste visa (where applicable)
  • 5. A confirmed return ticket (where applicable)
I want to travel to Timor Leste as a tourist. Do I need to get a visa before I travel?

Travellers of any nationality (except for nationalities that signed a Visa waiver agreement) may obtain a Tourist Visa on arrival. Tourist Visas on arrival are granted for 30 days stay, and can be extended once with same period and allowed single entry except if travelling to Oecusse-Ambeno in which multiple entries shall be authorised.

Land Border Crossings : During the period of state of emergency all foreign citizens may obtain an Entry Authorisation issued by the Ministry of Foregin Affairs and Cooperation (MNEC) prior to entering at a land border crossing.

See : Tourist Visa

My passport will expire soon. Can I still use it to enter Timor Leste?

All foreigners seeking to enter Timor Leste are required to have a travel document (Passports, Laissez Passer, Seaman Passport) and must be valid for more than six months in relation to the duration of the stay, unless in case of the re-entry of a foreign citizen residing in the national territory or foreign citizen with a special stay authorization or long-stay visa and only if there are a diplomatic representation of the country of his nationality accredited in Timor-Leste, that is able to issue a new travel document.

I want to stay longer. How do I extend my visa after I arrive in Timor Leste?

Depending of the type of visa you were granted you can apply for the Visa Extension at the General Directorate office.

Can I work on a Class 1 Tourist Visa?

No.. The visa is for tourism. It is not designed for work as an employee, and work of this kind is not permitted to holders of this visa. Those wishing to visit Timor Leste on business (e.g., to explore business opportunities, conduct negotiations etc.), may enter and stay for this purpose on a Business Visa Class I and Class II). Persons wishing to work in Timor Leste should apply for the appropriate Work Visa or Visa to establish residence to perform professional activities or a Special Stay Authorization.

I work for the United Nations in Timor Leste, or a UN Agency in Timor Leste. Do I need a visa?

No. However you should apply for a special stay authorization under the article 14,nr 1, b) of the Migration and Asylum Law nr. 11/2017 whilst you remain an employee of the UN or a UN Agency in Timor Leste. If you cease working for the UN you will need to depart the country or obtain the appropriate visa should you wish to extend your stay.

I have overstayed my visa. Will there be a penalty?

Yes. You should contact immediately the Immigration Service to regularize your status as soon as possible. Do not let the situation wait longer than necessary. Article 141 of the Migration and Asylum Law 11/2017 provides the following fines per person for those who have overstayed their visa in Timor-Leste:

a) US$ 150 to US$ 300, if the overstay period does not exceed 30 days;

b) US$ 230 to US$ 350, if the overstay period exceeds 30 days, but is less than 90 days;

c) US$ 350 to US$ 580, if the overstay period exceeds 90 days.

Important Note :

Visa extensions cannot be authorized without proof of payment of any applicable fine for overstay.

Fines may be levied upon departure from the country.

I have become aware of a case of human trafficking or possible breaches of immigration law. Where do I report this?

The Immigration and Asylum Law provides severe penalties for human trafficking and other organized breaches of immigration controls such as people smuggling and employment breaches, fake marriages. These penalties include lengthy prison terms and large fines. The Migration Service is responsible for investigating these matters. You should report the facts to the Migration Service as soon as possible.

See : Immigration Service contact details.

I am the holder of a Portuguese passport. Do I need to apply for a Visa on arrival or before I travel if I am travelling as a tourist?

No. According to the terms of a bilateral agreement between Timor-Leste and Portugal, Portuguese nationals of good health and character who present a Portuguese passport on arrival and who seek to enter for tourism are exempted from having to obtain a Class 1 visa on arrival

You may stay for a maximum period of 90 days in any 180-day period.

The stay period may be extended up to a further 90 days after arrival on application to the Migration Service, where that further stay is justified on exceptional grounds.

European Union Countries, including Schengen Area elegible for the Visa waiver program: Austria, Belgium, Czechia,Denmark, Estonia,Finland, France, Germany ,Greece,Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg , Malta, Netherlands, Poland,Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Schengen Countries:, Liechtenstein (Sch), Norway (Sch), Iceland (Sch), Switzerland (Sch), with the exception of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

I was granted a Special Stay Authorization. Are my dependant elegible for the same Authorization?

No. Your dependants should apply for a Temporary Stay Visa. The validity of the temporary stay visa of your dependant is the same as the validity of your Special Stay Authorization.

I am a timoreese citizen and my wife is a foreign citizen and we’ve got married one year ago. Can she apply for the Temporary Resident Permit?

No. According to the article 59 line b) the Temporary Resident Permit is granted to foreing citizen who have got married with a national citizen for more than 2 years and less than 5 years.