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Special Stay Authorization and RequirementsGeneral Directorate of Migration Services

Ministry of Interior

Estada Especial / Special Stay Autorization

In accordance with the article 14 of the migration and Asylum Law a special stay authorization shall be granted to:

  1. Foreigners who are directly in the service of the Timoreese State institutions through work contract or service contract;
  2. Foreigners who are directly linked to the UN, or any of its agencies, or to another international organization duly accredited in the DRTL, under a work contract or service contract;
  3. Foreigners who are directly linked to cooperation programs between the DRTL and the State of which they are nationals or because they are working for such program, by means of a work contract or services contract;
  4. To foreigners who are directly linked to cooperations programs between the DRTL and non-governmental organizations duly incorporated in national territory, under a work contract or contract to provide services.

A foreigner who has obtained a favorable decision granting a special stay authorization, must address to the Migration Service within the thirty days after the date of dispatch to affix the stamp on the passport.

The authorization for a special stay shall be valid for the duration of the contract, maximum of one year, and may be extended for similar periods.

  • aplicação / Application form
  • Meios de subsistência /Means of support
  • Autorização do Ministro do Interior / Authorization of the Minister of Interior
  • Cópia do passaporte válido / Photocopy of a valid passport
  • 1 foto1 photo
  • Outros meios de prova (especificar) Other means of prove
  • Validity: Depending of the period of contract
  • Entries Allowed: Multiple
  • Extension: similar period
  • Application fee:
    1. Issuance: N/A
    2. Extension: N/A
  • Download Application form
  • Download Request form