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Tourist Visa and RequirementsGeneral Directorate of Migration Services

Ministry of Interior

The tourist visa is granted for foreigners who travel to the country for the pourpouse of tourism, is valid for thirty days and may be extended once for the same period, allowing a single entry, unless the alien travel to Oecussi, in which case multiple entries are allowed. Foreign citizen who hold tourist visa is not entitled to exercise any professional activity in the country.

II.Vistos Turismo/Tourist Visa (VTU)(Artº 35)

  • Documentos de viagem/Travel document
  • Meios de subsistência/Means of Support
  • Bilhete de transporte de partida de TN/Return ticket or other means of transportation
  • Declaração de alojamento/Declaration of acommodation
  • Documentos justificativos do objectivo ou das condições da estada (exepto visto do turismo)/Required document of the reasons and condition of stay (except tourist visa)
  • Outros meios de prova (especificar)/Others means of prove
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Number of entries allowed: Single or Multiple if travelling to Oecusse.
  • Extension: 1 (one) same period
  • Application fee:
    1. Issuance: (USD) $30,00
    2. Extension:(USD) $40,00
  • Download Application form