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Resident Permit

The Residence Permit, in accordance with the article 55 Migration law 11th /2017, comprises two types:

  • Temporary Resident Permit
  • Permanent Resident Permit


The Temporary Resident permit is valid for two years, and extended for same period and is issued for foreigners:

  1. To exercise a professional activity;
  2. To the the foreign citizen married for more than two years and less than five years with a timoreese citizen and who wishes to reside in the RDTL;
  3. For the purpose of family reunification;
  4. To the victims of human trafficking or victims of the aid of people smuggling networks;
  5. For exceptional reasons.

Temporary Resident Permit

Requirements to granted the Temporary Resident Permit are established in the article 60 of the Migration Law, namely:

  1. Without prejudice to the special arrangements provided for in articles 61 and 62 and set in international treaties ratified by RDTL, the Temporary Residence Permit may be granted to foreigners who cumulatively:
    1. Are in the national territory;
    2. Demonstrate justified intention of permanent residence in the national territory;
    3. Present valid travel documents;
    4. Provide proof of lodgment and means of subsistence suitable for the required period;
    5. Have remained legally in the country with the visa to establish residence or are covered by a visa waiver mentioned in the subparagraphs of Article 41 of the Migration and Asylum Law;
    6. During the period of stay in the country have not been convicted of crime, which, individually or cumulatively, are sentenced for more than one year effective prison.
  2. The provisions of paragraph e) of the preceding paragraph does not apply to foreign citizens who is married for more than two years and less than five years with a timoreese citizen.
  3. When the aliens who seek temporary residence and intend to engage in professional activity within the national territory in accordance with applicable legislation is considered as a criteria for granting, in order to provide skilled labor for the various sectors of the economy or public services and the goal to create jobs for nationals, focusing on their training.


  • Issuance - USD $100
  • Renewal: USD $100
  • New Card issuance: USD $25

Permanent Resident Permit

The permanent residence permit in accordance with the article 63 of Migration and Asylum Law, has no expiry date, however the appropriate title must be presented to renew whenever there is any change registries appearing in it.

Requirements to granted the permanent residence permits:

  1. Without prejudice to the Nationality Law, the permanent residence permit may be granted to foreigners who cumulatively:
    1. are legal residents in the country for at least ten years consecutivelly or are minor children or dependents of nationals, or are foreign nationals married to a timoreese citizen for more than five years, or is a temporary residence permit holders for at least six years;
    2. During the period of residence provided in the preceding paragraph have not been convicted of intentional criminal offenses in the penalty or penalties which, individually or cumulatively exceed one year effective prison;
    3. have maintained over time that resided in the country, appropriate means of support and housing and since it is foreseeable to continue to keep them;
    4. The purpose of obtaining permanent residence stated in the application does not conflict with the documents, or the statements made;
    5. During the stay in East Timor, have had a positive contribution for the economy or the welfare of the country.
  2. The provisions in paragraphs b) to e) is not applicable to minor dependent of nationals citizens.


  • Issuance - USD $100
  • New Card issuance: USD $25
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