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Visa to Establish Residence


The Visa to Establish Residence allows the holder to enter Timor-Leste to request a Residence Permit. Foreigners are unable to apply for and be granted a Resident Permit unless they have first been granted this visa, or are granted family reunification as immediate family of a person granted a Resident permit. Foreigners who have been granted this visa may then apply to the Immigration Department in Dili for a Residence Permit.


The applicant must :

  • Demonstrate an intention to remain on a permanent basis in Timor-Leste.
  • Demonstrate means of subsistence.
  • Demonstrate accommodation arrangements.
  • Demonstrate that (s)he does not have a criminal or police record.
  • Demonstrate that (s)he is physically and psychologically fit.
  • In case of application for a visa to establish residency with the purpose of performing a professional activities, applicants must also demonstrate:
    • employment offer, or
    • interests in a company, or
    • professional competence for performing an independent profession, or
    • any other document related with the intended activity.


The visa may be granted for,

  • single entry, and
  • allows the holder to remain in the country for six months, and
  • may also be restricted to residence in a specific region of the country for a period up to five years.

If an application is made with the purpose of performing a professional activity as an employee or as an independent worker, the goal of providing specialized labour to the various sectors of the economy to increase productivity, and assimilating technology might be considered.


US$ 50

Application Form

Place of Application

Please note : The Visa to Establish Residence cannot be applied for or granted on arrival at a border post.

  • Visa applications should usually be submitted to a diplomatic mission or consular office in the country of usual residence. (See : details of Embassies and Consulates Abroad).
  • If the applicant resides in a country where there is no Timor-Leste Embassy or Consulate, the visa application should be submitted directly to the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dili, Timor-Leste. (See : Department of Consular Affairs Contact details)
After arrival

Place of Grant

Visas to Establish Residency may only be granted by Officers of the Department of Consular Affairs in Dili or at Timor Leste missions abroad.

Important Notice :

At the moment the Department of Consular Affairs in Dili and Timor-Leste Embassies/Consulates can only give a visa authorisation letter. The visa will be stamped in your passport by Immigration Service staff on arrival on presentation of the letter.