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Transit VisaCommon Visa Class II



This visa is designed for transit through the national territory en route to another country, or between two international flights in an airport, it allows a single entry and is valid for a maximum of 72 hours.

There are different methods for obtaining the visa depending upon whether you are seeking to enter at a land border, or seek to arrive by air or sea at Dili.

Land Border Arrivals

Except for Indonesian nationals and Portuguese nationals, all travellers arriving at a land border post must apply in advance for a “Visa Application Authorization”. When the traveller arrives at the border, the “Visa Application Authorization” must be presented to an immigration official. Then, if the traveller meets the other requirements the visa may be granted on payment of US$20. Travellers applying in advance may be granted a visa valid for up to 3 days stay, which is valid for single entry only.

Applying on Arrival

Indonesian nationals may apply on arrival at any border post, including land border crossings as well as Dili International airport and Dili Sea Port.

Portuguese nationals travelling on Portuguese passports are subject to visa exemption arrangements when travelling for tourism.

Nationals of other countries may only apply for a Transit Visa on arrival at :

  • the International Airport in Dili or
  • Dili Sea Port.

Where travellers also satisfy the other requirements, a visa on arrival may be granted valid for stay of up to 3 days, valid for single entry into Timor-Leste. The fee is US$20.

A visa application may also be submitted prior to arrival to any diplomatic mission or consular office of Timor-Leste.

See : the List of Embassies and Consulates for details of Embassies and Consulates abroad.

Applying in Advance

Note : do not apply in advance if you wish to enter via Dili International Airport or Dili Seaport on a Transit visa. You should apply for your visa on arrival in these instances. Apply in advance only if you are seeking to enter at a land border and you are not an Indonesian or Portuguese citizen.

The procedure for application prior to arrival is as follows :


This procedure is for travellers who are outside Timor-Leste and who are not able to access an Embassy or Consulate of Timor-Leste abroad.

To apply online, download the Class I + II Application form.

Fill the form in using Adobe Acrobat PDF reader. The form fields are fillable including photo and signature fields should you wish to use these, otherwise scan the printed form after affixing your signature manually.

If a passport style photo is not included with your application form, you will need to submit one with the application.

You will also need to include :

  • A scan of your passport bio-page;
  • Scan of ticket for departure (air, land or sea) or other acceptable evidence of departure arrangements;
  • Scan of bank statement or other acceptable evidence that you have sufficient funds for your travel through Timor-Leste.

Once complete, email it to us (see contact details here).

Allow at least 10 working days for processing of an application.

Successful applicants will be issued with a “Visa Application Authorization”. This must be printed and retained by the traveller.

The “Visa Application Authorization” must be used within 12 months.

Note : If you experience problems opening the Class I & II application form from the link above when using certain browsers, click here for solutions.

See : Visa application forms.

See : Immigration Service contact details.

At an Embassy or Consulate

A visa application may also be submitted to any diplomatic mission or consular office of Timor-Leste. You may need to use a different form to that found on this website, so please contact the relevant Embassy or Consulate for details before preparing an application.

See : the List of Embassies and Consulates for details of Embassies and Consulates abroad.

Other Requirements on Arrival

Travellers must complete an arrivals card (available at the border post) demonstrating :

  • Demonstrate intention of a genuine Transit (that is, travel through Timor Leste to a third country for which entry is guaranteed).
  • Demonstrate sufficient funds to support him/her for period of proposed stay without breaching visa conditions.
  • Demonstrate accommodation arrangements (if applicable).
  • Hold a return ticket, or show ability to fund own departure.

In addition travellers must :

  • Hold a passport, or travel document, with an expiry date not less than 6 months from the date of entry into Timor-Leste. The passport must have at least a whole unused page for the visa sticker.
  • Pay US$20 visa fee in cash. Note that there may be no ATM or money change facilities at the border post.
Important Notice :

To demonstrate sufficient funds for stay in Timor-Leste, each foreigner must have access to funds equivalent to :

  • US$100 for each entry;
  • US$50 for each day expected to remain in the country.

Extension After arrival

The Transit – Common Visa Class II cannot be extended after arrival. Holders must depart Timor-Leste within the period of stay authorized by the visa.

All enquiries should be emailed to the Immigration Service : see contact details.